Tree Removal

Clean Up Your Yard

Clean Up Your Yard

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Trees add natural beauty to your property. But, if you have dead or dying trees, they can pose a safety hazard. That's when you need tree removal services from Masters Tree Service in Abbeville & Greenwood, SC. We can remove hazardous or unsightly branches or entire trees. You'll extend the lifespan of your remaining trees by eradicating disease from your yard or getting rid of dead branches.

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Avoid potential accidents in Abbeville & Greenwood, SC

How can you tell that one of your trees is a safety hazard? There are several reasons you may need a dangerous tree removal. If you notice mold or fungal growth, your tree may be diseased or rotting. Maybe you've noticed that your tree's branches feel squishy and hollow. This is a sign of a dead or dying tree. Finally, trees that are growing too close to your home or powerlines often pose a risk.

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